online Summer Program

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AA Academy’s Summer Program is focusing on Chinese, English, and Mathematics. Our Chinese courses not only allow students to learn the language but to embrace culture and tradition. To make sure every student solidified what they have learned, the English and Mathematic courses will base on student’s upcoming school year. Besides the academic courses, students will have the opportunity to attend Friday art/craft class and field trips.


Due to the coronavirus, AA Academy’s 2020 Summer Program will be online courses. We want to advocate our students to STAY HOME, STAY SAFE, and STAY FUN. Please check out our E-learning Program below.

Fun and Interactive Online classes


AA Academy’s Online Program provides students a comprehensive platform to learn listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Certainly, there can’t be without games, dancing, singing, and other class activities (drawing, theme party, and critique ) when we talk about our online courses. Just like the student’s onsite learning, AA’s teachers deliver the interactive class material to keep our students stay focus in front of the screen.

Our theme party and classroom critique

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