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AFTER School Program

全美中文學院提供每天的中文課程並按程度分班。學生可以自選學簡體或繁體並採用Pin Yin為基礎。主要學生分為幼稚園到8年級並且我們使用美國學校教室為學生提供更安全,更熟悉和資源充足的環境。我們也注重學生的英文,數學及閱讀能力,並提供額外的加強教材與輔導。除外,全美也提供對新移民學生個別化指導並幫助學生更快的融入美國生活。

AA Academy provides everyday Chinese class for students who wants to learn Chinese as second language. Students can choose either to learn simplified or traditional Chinese with Pin Yin. We use school site classrooms which provides safer, more familiar, and better environment for students. Our students range from K to G8. We emphasis English language art, reading comprehensive, and mathematics with extra enrichment packets. We also have ESL support design for new immigrant students.

2021-2022 Summer Chinese Camp


From 6/14/2021 to 8/13/2021

Summer School Program


Our summer program is focusing on Chinese and provide English and Mathematics course preview for the upcoming school year and make sure students solidified what they have learned. Besides the academic course students will have the opportunity to attend Friday art/craft class and fun field trips.


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Fun and Interactive Online courses

Comperhensive Learning Platform

Experienced Faculty


AA Academy’s Online Program provides students a comprehensive platform to learn listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Certainly, there can’t be without games, dancing, singing, and other class activities (drawing, theme party, and critique ) when we talk about our online courses. 

Just like the student’s onsite learning, AA’s teachers deliver the interactive class material to keep our students stay focus in front of the screen.

Who we are


AA Academy is a non-profit organization that serves the community by teaching Chinese language and heritage. We are accredited by the Taiwan Overseas Association as a Digital Chinese Language School by enhancing our curriculum with the latest computer and digital technology. By utilizing the latest in digital technology we are able to teach Chinese language and heritage in a way that is not only modern but avant-garde. Although, Chinese culture and language is one of the oldest in the world, we believe that by using innovative methods of learning allows it to be taught in a way that is engaging to students that study in a technological savvy age. Additionally, it is not enough to read, write, and speak a language. In order to gain a deeper understanding and insight it is essential to understand culture, heritage, and tradition. Only by coupling language and heritage are we truly able to grasp the meaning of being Chinese.

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