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「 能付出愛心就是『福』」,知福、惜福、再造福」

Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) 華測
Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC) 兒測

全美學院所有事業均以“教育”為主,文化為輔的模式經營。是一 所非營利教學機構,全體教職員秉持熱誠的服務精神,為社區學子盡心力。
Glendale Chinese School runs the business as an educator combining the Chinese cultures. We are a non-profit educational institute that holds the spirit of service and compassion to serve the community and the students.

由於中文學校在社區中扮演的角色日益重要,在 全國通過SB1116的法案後, 中文學校自此正式成為文化傳承學校(Heritage School) ,學校管理比照私立學校管理受加州教育局管轄;中文學校在文化傳承所扮演的角色終於獲得重視和肯定。本校已在相關單位完成註冊手續,迎接新的里程碑。
As the role of Chinese schools getting more and more important, Chinese schools have became the heritage schools after the case SB1116 has passed.

We understand the parents value the interests and results when the kids learning Chinese, and on the other hand our school also wants to boost our teaching quality and the students learning attitude through a standard evaluation. Therefore, the students at our school are going to take TOCEL or CCCC, the Chinese proficiency tests provided for the oversea students by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. The results of the test will show the proficiency of the students and also serve as a reference for the teachers.

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我校榮獲台灣僑委會補助電腦設備,成立了洛杉磯 數位華語文師資培訓教學點。老師們犧牲假日接受數位融入教學的研習,希望將來除了傳統的教學方式外,還可運用網路資訊來提升學習效果,不久的將來, 我們還會開辦遠距教學,利用雲端科技讓學習可以帶著走,也就是為將來的行動學習做準備,以期中文教學更符合時代潮流,學生學習更多元化。
AA Academy has been awarded grants by the Committee of Overseas Chinese Affairs of Republic of China (Taiwan) as a Digital Chinese (Mandarin) Teaching Center. All staff at AA Academy can obtain instruction on digital on-line teaching. This will ensure that teachers not only provide in-class learning but also on-line learning by state-of-art technology. Besides, AA Academy plans to provide remote learning to students using loud technology which will equip students with the best preparedness for mobile learning of Chinese language.

One of the objectives of AA Academy is pursuit of excellence and professionalism in Chinese language teachings. We are cognitive about parents’ expectations and we instruct each student to their fullest potential while mastering the goals as set forth by AA Academy’s motto.Staff at AA Academy believes that students can learn Chinese more efficiently by computer interaction. Parents and teachers decide on a student’s academic path which ultimately determines a child’s destiny. We, the staff at AA Academy, desire to serve as the catalyst for students to embark upon the enrichment of their lives by becoming proficient in Chinese...

廖 紅 玫 Hung-Mei Liao

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